At Pachowicz | Goldenring, we take great pride in what our clients have to say about us. We are so happy about the work we have done we think they can speak for us better than we can for ourselves. If you are considering our service, please read what those we have previously served had to say.

What Clients Say

“It was a privilege to have been represented by Attorney Mark R. Pachowicz. I was a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit against a governmental agency and we prevailed. Mark was and is an excellent attorney and there is much to be said about him.  In my opinion, one of Mark’s best attributes is his ability to cross-exam witnesses. Mark was always and absolutely prepared, knowing what questions to ask and when.  It was actually a joy watching him work.  Mark is ethical, honest and his integrity is unparalleled. 
I’ve recommended Mark Pachowicz to family and friends and others who have sought representation. If I ever again find myself in a situation where I would need legal representation, civil or criminal, without question I would call upon Mr. Mark R. Pachowicz.

“God gave me speed and strength… This man, Mr. Pachowicz was blessed with his powerful ways of words. The fruit that this man lays will blossom beautifully always and truth will always set you free!!! I am happy God brought you as one of his angels to protect me!

– Victor Ortiz on instagram (@itsvortiz)