Areas of Practice

Business Law

As a small business, we understand the dedication and passion that goes into running your business. We also understand that when a problem arises, it is important that you have people that care, share, and understand the feelings of running a small business representing you.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can involve a wide range of disputes between people. It can involve a dispute over real estate, a contract, or a disagreement between neighbors.

Divorce Litigation

Divorce is always difficult. To get through your divorce, you need an aggressive firm leading you through the experience. We handle all facets of divorce, including child support, child custody, spousal support, and property division.

Civil Rights

The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the constitution
– Thomas Jefferson

Pachowicz | Goldenring is here to ensure that your rights are protected. If your rights have been violated by the police, sheriffs, or any government agency, it is important to have attorneys on your side to fight for you. These violations can include unlawful detention, use of excessive force, and illegal search and seizure. If you feel that your rights have been violated, it is important that you contact an attorney quickly. Our team will use our experience to aggressively represent our clients to obtain justice for them and their families.

Criminal Law

The criminal team at Pachowicz | Goldenring is ready to fight the government for you.
In cases regarding:
– Manslaughter and Murder
– Sexual Assault
– Fraud
– Domestic Violence
– Juvenile Law Offenses
– Business Crimes
– Any other criminal charge

Proving you are not guilty is not always enough under certain circumstances. We have pursued and obtained court orders declaring clients factually innocent. It is our mission to achieve the most favorable resolution for your case. Using our network of expert witnesses and talented legal team, Pachowicz | Goldenring has the means and ability to fight for you.

Personal Injury

After a serious injury, medical bills and lost wages add stress to an already difficult experience. Insurance companies and the responsible parties are not always as willing to step up and compensate you for the harms and losses you have endured.
Pachowicz | Goldenring will fight to obtain what you are entitled to receive after suffering a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), loss of limb or amputation, or any other serious injury.