About The Firm

Pachowicz | Goldenring, a PLC

Is the product of Mark Pachowicz and Peter Goldenring combining forces. This firm provides our clients with unparalleled litigation and legal services.

Goldenring & Goldenring, turned Goldenring & Prosser, served clients for over 40 years. After receiving the torch from Peter’s father, Ira Goldenring, Peter continues to serve many of the same clients his father began representing. The firm handled all litigation matters including business, land use, family law, real estate, and more.

Mark Pachowicz began in the Ventura County District Attorney’s office where he tried a variety of criminal cases from D.U.I to capital murder. He worked for Nordman, Cormany, Hair, and Compton, as well as the Department of Child Services before opening his own firm in 2004. The former Law Offices of Mark Pachowicz handled litigation in business, civil rights, wrongful death, criminal defense, family law matters, and employment law. In 2011, Mark received the Trial Lawyer of the Year award from the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association.

The combination of Mr. Pachowicz and Mr. Goldenring’s offices has created a group of the best lawyers in Ventura County that are ready and willing to fight for you. Each lawyer has brought their own dedicated staff and the combination of this two has produced wonderful results for our clients.

Your case matters to us because it matters to you

We work hard on each case because we take each case seriously. We are not a legal “mill” cycling through quick settlements and plea bargains — our attorneys work closely with each client keeping them informed on the case every step of the way. This is how we obtain the best possible result.

Who We Are

Pachowicz | Goldenring is one of the premier law firms in Ventura County. Our firm is made of seven attorneys, a team of paralegals, and an entire staff ready to fight for you. Our dedicated staff works together so that we can get the most done as efficiently as possible.